Chongqing Huazhong CNC successfully held 2018 indu

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Chongqing Huazhong CNC successfully held the "2018 Summer Seminar for key industrial robot teachers"

China machine tool business column famous enterprise] in order to promote vocational colleges to adhere to industrial needs, cultivate technical talents urgently needed by manufacturing enterprises, accelerate the pace of work study combination talent training and curriculum reform and innovation, and promote the training of high skilled talents related to intelligent manufacturing in vocational colleges, Chongqing Huazhong CNC Technology Co., Ltd. held an advanced seminar on technology application and a basic Seminar on industrial robot technology in the summer of 2018

advanced class

on July 26, 2018, the students who participated in the advanced seminar on the application of industrial robot technology successfully completed their studies in Chongqing central China CNC. Yujinyang, head of Chongqing Huazhong CNC sales and service department, issued the completion certificate to the graduates

2. Pneumatic clamping is mainly used for ground-based models. During the eleven day course, students listened carefully to the teacher's theoretical teaching and explanation in the physics and physics integration classroom, actively interacted with the teaching engineers, and deeply studied the competition platform knowledge with full enthusiasm; In the workshop with a high temperature of 40 degrees, the students operate and debug the automatic production of industrial robots with perseverance and endurance. Now the emerging 3D technology is also a new media line to show sculpture

from beginning to end, the teaching engineers can only temporarily use the fatigue limit and fatigue life of materials under variable load to replace the index of dynamic strength performance. With a serious and responsible attitude, they guide the students to be familiar with the platform and competition tasks, and patiently and carefully answer the students' doubts; After eleven days of study, the students have gained a lot, and have a deeper understanding of industrial robot technology application events

Basic Course

on July 22, 2018, the basic training course of industrial robot technology, held at the same time as the advanced training course of industrial robot technology application, was successfully concluded in Guizhou Shuigang technician college. President Fang of Guizhou Shuigang Technician College issued the completion certificate to the trainees

issue certificates

during the 7-day training in the industrial robot training center, the students carefully studied the operation and programming of industrial robots, the disassembly and assembly of mechanical systems and electrical systems of industrial robots; At the end of the training, I visited the steelmaking production line of Shuigang group and had a specific understanding of the actual steelmaking production activities of the enterprise

this training aims to further improve teachers' teaching level and competition guidance ability, understand the needs of enterprises in training talents, master the theory and technology of industrial robot specialty, return to school to be able to teach with higher quality and efficiency, guide competitions with clearer and higher quality, and better serve the transformation of Vocational education

(original title: Chongqing Huazhong CNC successfully held the 2018 Summer Seminar for key industrial robot teachers)

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