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The only experience center of Wuhu Chery new energy automobile in the province opened (attached figure)

on June 6, the first experience center of Wuhu Chery new energy automobile in the province opened in Zhongying automobile Plaza. As a green and cost-effective means of transportation, the appearance of Chery electric vehicle has aroused strong interest and concern of citizens

with the continuous progress of new energy vehicle technology and the increase of government promotion, 2014 was called the first year of new energy vehicle marketization by the industry. On June 6, Wuhu Chery new energy vehicle opened its first experience center in the province at Zhongying Auto Plaza. As a green and cost-effective means of transportation, the appearance of Chery electric vehicle has aroused strong interest and concern of citizens

relying on Chery new energy vehicles, Wuhu has become one of the first batch of national cities for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles. A series of incentive policies have injected vigorous impetus into the development of this sunrise industry. It is estimated that by 2015, Wuhu will promote a total of 5110 new energy vehicles, save about 20000 tons of fuel every year, and reduce the emissions of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides by more than 800 tons; 6000 new charging piles, 10 new public standardized charging stations, 2-3 after-sales maintenance stations, and 1 battery recycling station. Through market promotion, drive industrial development and promote the R & D and industrialization process of new energy vehicles. It is estimated that the annual output value of the new energy vehicle industry will reach 10billion yuan, forming a new energy vehicle industry cluster with independent intellectual property rights, large scale, relatively complete industrial chain and domestic influence

since the beginning of this year, Chery's strong performance in the new energy vehicle market has encouraged the light to go on. The person in charge of Chery new energy company said: since entering the market in October 2010, 3eV has sold nearly 15000 units in total, and the sales volume this year is expected to exceed 10000 units. At the same time, the performance of Chery electric vehicles is also improving. Chery EQ, which will be launched soon, will show the highest level of Chery electric vehicles, with a range of 200 kilometers

the support of the government and the performance of the market have also injected confidence into dealers. The head of Jinxi Chery new energy vehicle Experience Center said that the enterprise has been involved in the field of new energy vehicles since 2012, when it launched the new energy vehicle leasing business. The enterprise actively carried out in-depth cooperation with the government, and won the demonstration and Promotion Award of Wuhu's only new energy vehicle award in 2013. In the field of new energy vehicle operation, the enterprise spent more than 10 million yuan in 2013 to complete the market promotion of 100 new energy vehicles and the construction of nearly 100 charging piles and sockets

The head of the experience center said that he was full of confidence in the future development prospects. Chery's new energy vehicles are different from traditional fuel vehicles in three aspects: first, the electric drive has zero fuel consumption and low use cost, and the government has issued the corresponding pilot subsidy policy for pure electric vehicles, which reduces the purchase cost; Second, Chery new energy vehicle charging has reserved corresponding personnel and technology for the follow-up development of the company taking polyurethane as an example. It is convenient and faster. The user-friendly charging design adopts 220V household voltage charging mode. It is convenient and fast at home, downstairs, garage parking lot, suburban, anytime, anywhere, so that consumers can drive more calmly; Third, Chery multi-source drive technology is adopted, and the performance of the whole vehicle is reliable. As the subsequent supporting facilities become more and more perfect, as a simple and reliable personal means of transportation, it is believed that the consumer group of Chery electric vehicles will continue to expand

it is reported that as a daily means of transportation, the energy efficiency of electric vehicles has significantly exceeded that of fuel vehicles. For example, Chery new energy M1 pure electric vehicle consumes about 12 degrees per hundred kilometers. Calculated at 0.56 yuan per kilowatt hour, it costs only 6.72 yuan per hundred kilometers. The use cost of 100000 kilometers in five years is only 6720 yuan. Compared with buying a fuel car, you can save a car in five years. Not to mention the special significance of electric vehicles in solving today's environmental pollution and saving energy. At the opening site, many citizens said that with the maturity of electric vehicle technology and the layout of urban charging piles, buying an electric vehicle will be an important choice for transportation. (Dajiang Evening News)

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