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The opening ceremony of the 2006 World Packaging Conference was held in Diaoyutai hotel. On April 19, the "2006 World Packaging Conference" held its opening ceremony in Diaoyutai State Hotel this morning. The theme of this conference is "science and technology, environmental protection, cooperation and development". More than 100 members of the World Packaging Organization and more than 500 domestic representatives from 25 countries and regions attended the meeting. Zeng Peiyan, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, attended the meeting on behalf of the Chinese government and took a group photo with the representatives before the meeting

At the opening ceremony, Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan made an important speech. He pointed out that to develop the packaging industry in China, we must first strive to improve the quality and efficiency of packaging; Secondly, we should vigorously develop green packaging; Third, we should increase the scientific and technological content of packaging; Fourth, we should improve the operation mechanism of the packaging industry. Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan also pointed out that China implements a mutually beneficial and win-win opening-up policy, encourages Chinese and foreign packaging enterprises to carry out trade, and supports the construction of Asian packaging centers. It is hoped that the China Packaging Federation, the International Packaging Conference Council, and the intermediaries of other packaging enterprises should clean the oil delivery valve organization, better play the role of bridge between enterprises and governments, and make new contributions to the sustainable development of human society

Shi Wanpeng, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and President of the China Packaging Federation, made a keynote speech entitled "development strategy of China's packaging industry" at the opening ceremony: summarizing the current situation of China's packaging development, It also expounds the idea of what needs to be paid attention to in the operation and storage of the non electronic universal testing machine in China's packaging industry to develop "strive to enhance the ability of independent innovation and improve the level of industrial technology; accelerate the structural adjustment of the packaging industry and strive to realize the enterprise operation mode of modern industrialization; meet the needs of building a circular economy and vigorously develop the green packaging industry; a real system is actually multiple" spiders " 1. We are climbing the full packaging legal system and bringing the packaging industry into the track of legal construction; Accelerate the cultivation of high-tech talents and create a new force for the development of the packaging industry. " In order to promote the advantages and eliminate the disadvantages, maintain and promote the good development momentum of the world packaging industry. President Shi Wanpeng put forward the following three suggestions to the president of the World Packaging Organization and colleagues: "First, countries, regardless of size and economic differences, should understand each other, respect each other, strengthen cooperation, fair competition, mutual benefit and win-win results, and common development; second, broaden the channels of information communication in the world packaging industry, strengthen international technical exchanges and cooperation, constantly improve the overall level of the global packaging industry, and promote the development and progress of the world packaging industry; third, countries should combine their own realities, Work creatively, advocate diversified development models, eliminate trade barriers, reduce trade frictions, and jointly create a harmonious development atmosphere

China's packaging industry has made great progress since the reform and opening up. By 2005, the annual output value has exceeded 400billion yuan. At the meeting, the world packaging organization presented the world packaging industry "lifelong achievement award" to Gu Mu, the former Vice Premier of the State Council

China roofing international processing and packaging machinery and equipment industry exhibition was also held at the same time as this world packaging conference

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