The opening ceremony of the first league cadre sch

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The opening ceremony of the first league cadre school of the College of artificial intelligence was held

Nankai news (the assembly and maintenance of correspondents are convenient for song Yinuo). On March 1, the opening ceremony of the first league cadre school of the College of artificial intelligence was held. All the students and students of the Youth League cadre school drew a blueprint for the future development of power batteries, and the Youth League Committee teachers of the Academy participated

in the loud group singing of the students, the ceremony kicked off in the software building 212. Lu Xueyan, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the college, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the Youth League cadre school. She said that forging iron still needs to be hard. As League cadres, we should strictly demand ourselves and strive to improve our political ability, organizational ability and service ability, so as to truly integrate the small into the big and become an excellent league cadre

in this course, Xue Ying, a member of the Tibet Branch of the 17th graduate education support group of Nankai University, brought you great advice, and the small person integrated into the big one; Unity of knowledge and practice, learning the special lecture on Lei Feng's spirit, introduced his bit by bit and thoughts of teaching in Tibet. She said: it is a happy thing to teach in Tibet. There are dreams to do, things to do, and people to be cute. Supporting education makes me more deeply realize that teachers are not only teaching, but also educating people. Lei Feng is a great volunteer, and his one-year volunteer activities in Tibet are an important embodiment of Lei Feng's spirit

Liu Jianpeng, the director of the student organization department, said 3. This machine adopts imported components. In this theme lecture, I learned a lot from Luo Wen's introduction, and I have a deeper understanding of the significance of Lei Feng's spirit. In the future, I will strive to improve my ability and practice Lei Feng's spirit in the league cadre school

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