The only way to face the challenge is to do better

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The only way to face the challenge is to do better

in China's dairy industry, Tetra Pak has not been regarded as a simple packaging material supplier, and Tetra Pak has never positioned itself as a material provider in the industrial chain. Tetra Pak has penetrated into every link of the dairy industry chain for 30 years

many start-ups are always struggling. Do they want the market first or profit first? Tetra Pak spent 20 years to pave the market and 10 years to become the leader of China's dairy packaging materials

Tetra Pak entered the Chinese market in 1979 and was just a catcher in the wheat field. China's dairy consumption and dairy industry have not started. The filling machine Tetra Pak brought to China has no interest, because the whole Chinese dairy industry does not know what the filling machine is. Tetra Pak's patented sterile paper packaging is useless

Tetra Pak's strategy is to do training, I promise you technology, you give me market. Tetra Pak, together with China Dairy Industry Association and China Dairy Industry Association, held a senior management training course for dairy enterprises to explain the filling equipment and other related technologies in detail. This kind of training lasted for more than ten years. In the future, these executives have basically become the top leaders or technical directors of many important dairy enterprises in China

Tetra Pak has actually cleared the cognitive barrier of its core technologies and products entering the Chinese market. In 1997, Yili finally purchased the first filling machine from Tetra Pak. Tetra Pak's sterile paper packaging (also known as Tetra Pak packaging) significantly improved the effectiveness of testing, and then gradually became popular

the rapid development of China's dairy industry began with Mengniu's rocket speed at the beginning of the 21st century. Objectively, Tetra Pak is regarded as a booster. Because the biggest obstacle of China's dairy consumption is that it has always been unable to solve the cold chain problem of long-distance transportation. Tetra Pak's sterile paper packaging does not need cold chain preservation, boosting Mengniu and Yili to rush out of Inner Mongolia and move towards the whole of China

in fact, Tetra Pak has changed the distribution mode of China's dairy industry, and the pattern of China's dairy industry has been broken. The urban dairy industry represented by Guangming and Sanyuan began to compete with the base dairy industry represented by Mengniu and Yili

if the relatively metal leaf fruit goes deep into Mengniu and Yili, you can see a very special department Tetra Pak office. In fact, Tetra Pak has long existed as a consultant to enterprises. Tetra Pak provides the whole key customer management process from milk source construction, production technology guidance, marketing planning and so on in the initial stage and growth stage of the enterprise. Tetra Pak has never been a simple supplier of packaging materials. Its role is to provide solutions for the enterprise market. It is tasteless, odorless and non-toxic. It is involved in the upstream and downstream of the dairy industry chain. The growth of normal temperature milk using Tetra Pak packaging also made Tetra Pak finally become the largest packaging material supplier in China's dairy market

but the boss also has troubles. I don't know whether there is a permanent boss in the market, but there must be a permanent boss position attacker. In the lounge of Tetra Pak Hohhot factory, China business daily saw Tetra Pak's dazzling product display cabinets, which are far from limited to dairy packaging, but also various beverage packaging

this means Tetra Pak is currently facing huge market challenges and profit pressure. The dairy industry alone can no longer provide long-term sustainable development for it, and it needs to constantly expand emerging fields to provide benefits

the larger the market, the more competitors. Tetra Pak's carton packaging is fighting the attack from many packaging materials such as iron cans, plastic cups, plastic bags, plastic bottles and so on

the Chinese market today is not the market it was 10 years ago. Tetra Pak's major international competitors have basically entered China, such as international paper in the United States, kangmeibao in Switzerland, and even its brother company Sidel

Tetra Pak's embarrassment lies not only in the increase of market competitors, but also in the limitations of technology substitution and customers. Tetra Pak has a large market share from old customers, and there is an urgent need to expand new customer groups

Tetra Pak's global president and CE "he Minghui said that o Yang Desen has worked in Tetra Pak for nearly 27 years. One of his major propositions is that Tetra Pak should open up new markets in order to create a successful future

this new market should have two meanings: one is regional, and the other is commercial. Tetra Pak's performance growth in high-end markets such as the United States, Europe and Japan has stabilized, while the Asia Pacific region, especially China and India, has become its strong growth engine. On the other hand, Tetra Pak urgently needs to expand the soymilk and beverage markets outside the dairy industry. When asked what he should do in the face of challenges, Yang Desen, who was in his 50s, thought for a moment and said: the only way is for us to do better

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