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Mechanization - the only way for road maintenance

1 road maintenance and repair machinery according to the degree of pavement damage, road maintenance is divided into minor repairs, minor repairs and large and medium-sized modifications. For general surface cracks and potholes, the traditional repair method is "covering", that is, manually adding a layer of new material to the original damaged part for compaction. Because this method does not remove roots, plus the height of the upper layer is limited by the height of the old road, and the joints between hot material and the old road surface are prone to seepage and damage the subgrade, it is often necessary to repair. It will damage the subgrade due to asphalt seepage, so it often needs to be repaired. For the damage of asphalt pavement pits, surface cracks, oil packets and so on. Our company adopts the following repair methods: (1) introduce the American "baoluwei" heating plate infrared asphalt repairer tr36 or tr48. It is characterized by heat compensation, and the heat source is 100% heat radiation of the heating plate. Because the black asphalt material has the maximum absorption rate of infrared ray, and it is synchronously absorbed within the effective radiation range, that is, the pavement to be repaired is synchronously heated from top to bottom within the range of 5-8mm. This heating method is both uniform and easy to control. The directional heating function of infrared ray avoids the heat transfer to the surrounding low blast medium, so the energy consumption is greatly reduced. This patcher is equipped with two pieces of 0.9 each × 1.83M infrared heating radiation plate. The material of the heating plate is hot-rolled steel with a high-temperature resistant bottom layer. Each heating plate is equipped with five high-efficiency durability and heat converters, and each heating plate has two 45kg gas bottles to provide energy. The gas is supplied through the gas limiting valve, pressure limiting valve, high-pressure hose and 24V high static pressure mixed wind direction heating plate. When working, just put the tightening hot plate on the damaged part of our surface and heat it for about 5min to soften the asphalt pavement. Rake the heated and softened asphalt surface loose and level it (add new materials as needed). Due to the mutual fusion effect of the new and old edge materials after mixing, the joints brought by the use of traditional repair methods are eliminated, which is solid and durable. (2) BC-4 comprehensive maintenance vehicle in the United States. The vehicle integrates the heating and thermal insulation storage of asphalt, the spraying of emulsified asphalt, the cleaning of pavement crusher, the drying and compaction of wetland surface. It has the characteristics of one machine with multiple functions, fast repair speed, good quality, rapid transfer, simple operation and so on. The working effect based on MEMS technology in busy traffic areas is more remarkable. The above two kinds of equipment are not only suitable for rainy south, but also for cold north. (3) Use a milling machine. In the large and medium-sized modification of roads, it is inevitable to excavate the pavement. In the past, manual operation and air compressor with air cannon were used, which was time-consuming and laborious, especially on the cement pavement, and the efficiency was particularly low. At present, our company is equipped with multifunctional loaders (such as case 580l, 1845c and jcb4cx) that can be equipped with milling drums and crushing picks, and the speed and efficiency are significantly improved. In road maintenance, these machines are flexible, easy to buckle, save time and labor, and greatly reduce the cost. When the damage of the road surface is caused by deep damage and the repair area is large, it is necessary to mill the damaged old surface layer, and then pave the new surface layer. At this time, it is necessary to use a special milling machine. PC200 milling machine (as shown in Figure 1) in the United States is a high-tech product of electromechanical hydraulic integration, with simple operation and high precision. The main performance parameters are: milling width 1980mm, milling depth 0-152mm, engine power 298kw, and working speed 0-35m/min. The engine is Detroit 8v-71ta turbocharged and cooled, and the walking mechanism is 4 tracks, which are driven by hydraulic motor and independent planetary gear belt reducer respectively. The machine adopts a two-stage pre unloading device, which can directly load the milling waste onto the truck and transport it away. The debris falling in front of the milling machine will be re tied to the conveyor belt by the milling drum, reducing the cleaning work of the operation center and improving efficiency. The left and right sides of the machine body are equipped with longitudinal slope control sensors, which can automatically control the milling depth. The milling drum is directly driven by the engine power output. When encountering hard objects such as steel bars and rainwater well covers, the belt will slip, reducing the mechanical damage caused by impact and collision. In case it is used for comparison later 1 Two pole transfer tube 2 One pole transfer tube 3 Hydraulic prop 4 Slippers

5 Water tank 6 Sensor 7 Milling drum 8 Engine 9 Pay attention to turn off the main motor source panel 10 After several years of practice, we deeply realize the importance and necessity of mechanized road maintenance in Chengdu. In order to improve labor productivity and achieve good economic benefits, we must first abandon the idea of relying solely on manual maintenance. Due to the long-term lack of investment in fixed assets, the machinery is obsolete, the technical performance is poor, and the renewal is slow, resulting in worse and worse road appearance and road conditions. In the evaluation of the road integrity of large and medium-sized cities nationwide in 1993, the road integrity rate of Shenzhen was only 42%, ranking the penultimate third among large and medium-sized cities. In recent years, our company has raised funds through multiple channels, successively purchased a large number of mechanical equipment with complete functions and leading technology, and strengthened the training of skilled workers and operators, making great achievements in road management and maintenance. By the end of 1998, the road integrity rate in Shenzhen had reached 89.1%, leaping to the forefront of large and medium-sized cities in China. Table 1 shows the configuration of our company's urban road maintenance machinery, equipment name, model, use, heating plate infrared asphalt repair, tr36, tr48 repair of damaged roads, comprehensive maintenance vehicle BC-4 repair of damaged roads, our surface milling machine pc2000, milling asphalt paver for old roads 2ltlz45, df100p, S2500, multifunctional paver for new roads case580l, 1845cjcb4cx, excavation, shovel transportation and crushing loaders for old roads ZL30, ZL40 Cat977 excavation and transportation of subgrade materials, site cleaning excavators E200B, PC100, PC200 subgrade and pipeline excavation static roller 2Y, 2Y,

3Y Beijing Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development has carried out special sampling inspection on thermal insulation materials in old residential areas. 5 subgrade compaction, initial and final compaction of asphalt pavement. Vibratory roller bw80ad, YZ10,

yx14, sw70 compaction of foundation backfill, and re roller of asphalt pavement

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