The NFC mobile payment market will reach 15% in 20

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2015: the size of NFC mobile payment market will reach 155 billion US dollars

news on March 7, Beijing time. In short, its growth will be as high as 38% due to its unique cellular structure. According to foreign media reports, a hot topic in the industry is that consumers will use intelligence to replace wallets, and mobile payment will be popular. Using a technology called NFC (short distance communication), consumers can pay shopping bills or take transportation. European telecom operators have different ideas on how to use NFC technology. At present, there is no clear indication of which mode is more effective

many telecom operators plan to support NFC in 2012 through cooperation with banks. Retailers will install terminals that support NFC. McDonald's plans to install terminals that support NFC in British chain stores this year. In addition, manufacturers will also start to support NFC. From this year, Nokia's smart will support NFC. G will also indirectly help downstream manufacturers such as automotive interior and exterior trim, ship upholstery and sports leisure products improve their market competitiveness. Oogle will support NFC in the new Android operating system. Apple has applied for a number of patents related to NFC

in developing countries where bank accounts are more popular, NFC is more attractive, and it is relatively difficult to persuade consumers in developed countries to use NFC. In a survey conducted in France, only one-third of the respondents said they believed in the mobile payment business using NFC, and the built-in discount card and discount information would improve the attractiveness of mobile payment. Frost & Sullivan, a consulting firm, estimates that the global mobile payment market using NFC will reach 111billion euros (about 155 billion dollars) by 2015

mobile operators hope that NFC can be put into SIM card, so they can control the relationship with users, saying that this can ensure the security of payment transactions; However, NFC can also be put into, so that manufacturers can control the relationship with users. As proposed by Deutsche Telekom, by putting NFC into SIM card, mobile operators can generate revenue through NFC relatively conveniently, but they lack a global payment network that can compete with visa, and the cost of establishing such a network is quite high

France Telecom does not try to take a share of the payment amount, but hopes to take a share of the advertising revenue brought by NFC. One possibility is that if the consumer goes near the store, the business hopes to release promotional information to the consumer through SMS. However, compared with Google and other competitors, advertising is not the strength of mobile operators

any technology that can encourage users to use more is beneficial to mobile operators. The inconvenience of modifying payment data will reduce the user churn rate of mobile operators. However, mobile operators have not achieved much success in using the recent application and game boom to generate revenue, and they are quite likely to repeat the mistakes in the field of mobile payment. Sohu it

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