The ninth Cooperation meeting of the printing asso

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The ninth Cooperation meeting of the western region printing association was held

the ninth Cooperation meeting of the western region printing association was held in Xining, Qinghai Province a few days ago. More than 120 representatives from 10 provinces (regions) including Ningxia, Xinjiang, Gansu, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Jiangxi and Qinghai attended the meeting. Comrade Zhang Chengwei, deputy director of Qinghai Provincial Publishing Bureau, attended the meeting to congratulate and make a speech. Wang Demao, executive vice president of China printing and equipment industry association, and Cao Fengling, deputy secretary general, attended the meeting and delivered a speech at invitation

a total of 24 papers and experience exchange materials were received at this meeting; There are printing associations in 4 provinces and cities and 6 printing companies in 6 provinces and regions. Although there are still experiments that cannot be carried out in some places, the applied enterprises made typical speeches at the meeting to achieve complete, clean and reliable. Closely centering on the reality of the printing industry in the western region, the participants had exchanges and discussions on how to deepen the reform and accelerate the development of the printing industry, how to strengthen the management of printing enterprises, strengthen the self-discipline of the industry, improve the incentive mechanism, speed up technological innovation and staff training, but this will inevitably increase the complexity, deepen the mutual understanding and cooperation of the printing association in the western region, and enhance mutual friendship, It has promoted the development of printing industry in the western region

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