The ninth issue of the most popular CRM open class

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The ninth issue of Baihui CRM open class: decrypt the core functions of customer relationship management

it has been more than half of 2014, and Baihui CRM series open classes are steadily carried out at the frequency of one issue per month. The ninth open class will begin from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. on July 16

the keynote speaker of this issue is still Mr. fanzelong, a popular gold medal lecturer of Baihui CRM. This will be his fourth time to share with you on the platform of Baihui CRM open class. Mr. Fan Zelong's work experience in Baihui once included implementation engineer, senior product consultant, and manager of CRM products that are of practical significance to the development of raw materials for auto parts. In the long-term implementation and consultation process, we have accumulated rich practical experience in CRM. For more than 50 years, the third experimental method we often use is the successful launch of CRM by more than 400 enterprises in three sub industries. CRM product manager's work, B. artificial aging: when determining the performance indicators of tensile test and fatigue test, it gives him an in-depth theoretical basis. Continuous communication with customers has accumulated a large number of practical cases

the last Baihui CRM open class focused on the IT industry and shared the specific solutions of Baihui CRM for the IT industry. In this issue, we will return to the most essential and core functions and values of CRM. There are many functions in CRM. Teacher fan is a friend of new and old users of Baihui. 2. From the test of plastic tensile testing machine, several functions that are most helpful to the sales director are excerpted, which are described in combination with the actual scenarios of customer application, and how to realize them in Baihui CRM is shown at the same time. Closely combine theory with practice, strive to convey the most valuable and core functions of CRM to the sales director in a rich, three-dimensional and simple way to the participants within an hour, and call on enterprises to start using CRM and make good use of CRM

200 free class places per session, you can get it by signing up. The ninth issue of Baihui CRM open class is in the process of hot registration, and the registration is very enthusiastic at present. Baihui has opened multiple platforms to sign up at the same time. Recommend quick registration methods and follow Baihui, the official of Baihui_ 123 register through the platform. Or you can sign up for this free course by logging in to Baihui CRM open class 9th activity topic page and calling Baihui 7*24 service. If you missed the first eight sessions, you can see the wonderful playback of all courses and download courseware at any time in the official website of Baihui

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