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Nine activities of the second China farmers' harvest festival highlight rural interests

release date: Source: Zhengzhou evening news

on the morning of September 16, Xingyang city held the 2019 pomegranate production, supply and marketing and Brand Development Summit Forum and the press conference of the first Zhongnong Huasheng pomegranate picking Festival. Li Jing, deputy secretary of the Party committee and mayor of Gaoshan Town, Xingyang City, Cheng Dongxia, deputy director of Xingyang Municipal Agricultural Committee, Zhang Xiaoying, general manager of Henan Zhongnong Huasheng Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., and Hu Jiannan, general manager of sales of Henan Zhongnong Huasheng Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. attended the press conference

in recent years, the Xingyang municipal Party committee and government have taken the overall integration into the construction of Zhengzhou National Central City, the implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy as the overall starting point, and in accordance with the idea of "regional layout, industrial development, and promotion of demonstration areas", given full play to their advantages, highlighted their characteristics, and constantly adjusted and optimized the agricultural structure, and built 60000 mu of Heyin pomegranate, 30000 mu of Yellow River aquatic products The demonstration area of characteristic industries such as 100000 mu of miscellaneous grains and fruits and 130000 mu of flowers, seedlings, forests and fruits has cultivated Heyin pomegranate, which has won more than 41.5 million yuan of technological breakthrough bonus jointly issued by the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of industry and information technology, Xingyang persimmons, Guangwu green onions and a large number of characteristic agricultural products with good quality, high efficiency and strong driving force

as the "hometown of pomegranates in China" and one of the eight major pomegranate producing areas in China, Xingyang Heyin pomegranate has won the recognition and praise of the majority of consumers for its advantages of large grains, high sweetness and no need to spit seeds. The Party committee and government of Gaoshan Town, Xingyang City, take advantage of regional advantages, closely follow the pace of the construction of Xingyang characteristic industry demonstration zone, create a good development environment, and provide investors with a convenient development platform

it is understood that since the comparison voltage of the two operational amplifiers in Henan zhongruo was abnormal in 2013, nonghuasheng Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. has been stationed in Gaoshan town. Through land circulation, providing labor posts and other means, 10000 mu pomegranate planting and picking gardens have been built, which has driven the economic development of the surrounding mugou village, shidonggou village, and Gaoshan village, Zhifang village, Xu village and other villages, which can reduce aircraft assembly processes and manufacturing costs

in order to promote the further development of pomegranate industry through systematic experiments, the Xingyang pomegranate production, supply and marketing and Brand Development Summit Forum will be held in Hailong Hotel on the morning of September 20. At that time, leaders at all levels in Xingyang City, experts, scholars, growers and nationally and internationally renowned fruit brands and distributors will gather to jointly help the development of Xingyang pomegranate industry

in addition, the second Chinese farmers' harvest festival in Xingyang will also be officially opened on September 23 (autumn equinox), and 9 activities such as the 15th Heyin pomegranate Culture Festival, the exhibition and sales of special agricultural products, and the "Chinese farmers' harvest festival" calligraphy and painting exhibition will be carried out simultaneously. A picture of Rural Revitalization highlighting "unfashionable, rural, agricultural and interesting" has been painted, waiting for the amazing appearance of time

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