The ninth answer to the hottest question about col

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The ninth answer to the problem of color affecting normal printing

9. Why are stripe colors found in printouts

resulting in shutdown or even shutdown; At present, there is no room to tighten the profit margin of the iron plant. A: there are many reasons for this phenomenon. For example, it may be caused by incompatible or inappropriate coated paper of the paper itself, there may be a problem with the graphics card driver of the system, the printer driver may also cause this phenomenon, and there is also a 3.6 radioisotope pattern phenomenon in the output result caused by the failure of the ink cartridge, Another reason is that the paper thickness is improperly set. For the reason of paper, you can try to use the special inkjet printing paper recommended by the printer; If the graphics card driver is wrong, it will also cause stripe color. At this time, you can consider updating the graphics card driver; For the printer driver, you can update the print driver first, then open the parameter setting interface, and try to use the "economic" mode to print, so as to reduce the use of ink. Next, carefully clean the nozzle of the inkjet printer, because if the nozzle is blocked, it can also cause the above phenomenon; If none of the above methods can solve the problem, check whether the thickness bar of the printing paper is in the normal position of the inkjet printing paper. If it is not correct, it is best to restore it to its original position

the process between the author and the user is very troublesome, and this is the process of the user. He has to pay a fixed amount of money to start and eliminate: Wei Wen

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