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The 9th international printing information exchange conference was held in Beijing

on December 8, 2006, the 9th international printing information exchange conference (infoprint 2006) hosted by China printing and equipment industry association was held in Beijing Friendship Hotel. This year's conference was held for the ninth consecutive year, and its extensive influence attracted about 600 industry insiders. The attendees also have the advantages of electro-hydraulic servo experimental machine force, displacement and deformation control, mainly leaders from local associations, as well as representatives of enterprises, manufacturers, colleges and industrial media

at the meeting, well-known suppliers of prepress, printing and post press products and technologies at home and abroad delivered wonderful speeches on current hot technologies and products, such as digital workflow solutions, CTP, digital printing, inkjet printing, one-time paper multi-color printing solutions, around the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" development plan. In addition, some well-known enterprise leaders expressed professional opinions on the current situation and development trend of the printing and equipment industry in developed countries, as well as the characteristics of the regional market

first, the president of NPES (National Association of printing, publishing and paper processing technology suppliers) delivered a speech on the current situation and development trend of the U.S. market, and expounded two important trends in the development of the global printing industry: first, digital printing and wide output are the fastest-growing printing processes around the world; Second, packaging is increasingly important for the healthy development of the printing industry. He also stressed that for U.S. printers, the largest part of the profit growth is "auxiliary services". Printers began to provide auxiliary services to make themselves more valuable to customers. In the future, the share of traditional printing revenue will be less and less, and more revenue will come from new value-added services

the next speech is exciting and climactic. Aseli announced the completion of the acquisition of gelinda, realizing complementary advantages, and will be committed to creating a global leader in the color industry in the future. Gaobao comprehensively and systematically introduced gaobao's printing technology. Manroland proposed a value-added printing solution. Four51 company grandly recommended the printing procurement network platform from the United States to the participants. Beiren group claimed that while adhering to technological innovation and comprehensively improving beiren's level and advantages in the field of offset printing machine manufacturing, beiren will develop in the pre press and post press fields and become a system supplier in the printing machine industry. The 1020 specification bronzing machine with holographic anti-counterfeiting, which is mainly for packaging, will be launched at the 2007 Guangdong exhibition. Qiushan international seeks business opportunities and creates value from differences, and continues to vigorously promote its "double-sided machine + shuangfeida" double-sided folio sheet paper printing machine to cope with the global market trend of small batch printing, meet user needs and improve productivity and added value

the high late application cost of thermal CTP has caused many printing enterprises to look forward to CTP and sigh. For this reason, the above north is today's content sharing about hydraulic testing machine. Founder united with Fuji company to create founder Changyi violet laser CTP solution (Fuji violet exciting exterior wall insulation material testing machine optical CTP + founder Changliu + Color Management Service) for domestic printing users, from improving production efficiency Improve the printing shape and size as shown in Figure 4, brush quality, reduce production costs and other aspects to help local printing enterprises grow

it is also understood that infoprint 2007 will be held on November 30 next year

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