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The third tile line talent skills challenge is about to start, with a maximum bonus of 30000

I believe everyone has a Wulin in their heart. It is everyone's great Xia dream to walk the world with a sword. In reality, however, we are in obscurity because of the lack of a platform to display our talents and the opportunity to exchange skills. Then come on! The 2019 "China tile thread talent Skills Challenge" is a stage for you to show your skills and become famous in the first battle

there are rich bonuses and supreme honors here. There are also opportunities to compete with experts from all over the world. There are also the blessings and open, fair and just selection of industry masters. There is no regret for missing last year. This year's participation will not hesitate. Dare you challenge? Then prove yourself

On May 30, 2017, the first "China tile line talent Skills Challenge" was held in Hubei qinshanmei corrugated paper products Technology Co., Ltd. 40 contestants from 15 corrugated paper products manufacturing enterprises across the country were divided into 6 teams to participate in the competition. The winner won the honorary certificate, prize and cash award of up to 30000 yuan issued by famous experts and lecturers in the industry

the referee explained the precautions

the audience watched the first champion style in an orderly manner

the wonderful moments of the second talent competition

in July 2018, the second "China's tile line talent Skills Challenge" was held in Hubei qinshanmei corrugated products Technology Co., Ltd. as scheduled. The 12 teams competed fiercely in two days, and finally won the championship by Shandong Guanxian Hengsheng paper products and Henan Hengsheng paper products through detailed evaluation of startup coordination, sufficient number of paperboards, paperboard quality and operation specifications

the chief referee guojianming explained the precautions

on-site speed

the team took a group photo on the signature wall

the second champion style

the third talent competition. We look forward to your participation

the tile line talent skills challenge is the first competition in China's paper packaging industry that focuses on the operators of the cardboard production line. Its appearance has provided a stage for the operators of the paperboard production line to show their skills, which has deepened the attention of the front-line operators while focusing on the industry environment and business operation

as time goes by, the positive energy spirit promoted by the Washida skills challenge is still circulating in the industry. The third competition of Hubei qinshanmei corrugated paper products Technology Co., Ltd. will also be grandly held. Do you dare to challenge if you want to show your strength and become famous in the first World War? Then prove yourself

industry activity:

2019 "China tile line talent Skills Challenge"


Guangdong qinshanmei Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

supporting unit:

Paper Products Committee of China Packaging Federation


tile line talent/elite team

activity address:

qinshanmei corrugated paper products process research and development test base

Hubei Daye

activity content

1 Welcome to the door-to-door exchange of the tile line experts/elite team to challenge the five layer board: the maximum speed of the high gram heavy paperboard, the average speed, the number of losses, and the standardized operation

2. Industry experts and lecturers will award medals, honorary certificates and bonuses to the winning teams

3. After the event, the contestants and experts will take a group photo with the lecturer to promote the process of functionalization and high performance of modified nylon

(cup, medal and bonus of "talent competition")

competition rules

competition item 1: five teams (four main players of the five tier line + five team leaders in total) will be selected for the competition. The production minutes (the production process can be changed according to the requirements of the team leader). The prize of the winning team is 30000 yuan

competition item 2: paperboard process theory knowledge written test (voluntary choice), the first prize is 5000 yuan, and the second prize is 3000 yuan

competition judges: guojianming, linhailong, wangjianfeng, dingjingmin

note: all participants will give a box of QSM paperboard process testing instruments (worth 5300 yuan)

software function of electronic tensile testing machine

event time

august 26, 2019: the third "tile line talent Skills Challenge" competition was held all day, with experts commenting, scoring and awarding. The tile line of the competition was the 2.5-meter Taiwan tcy five-layer line in 2001, with a speed of 280 meters. The participating teams can arrive at the site days in advance to familiarize themselves with the venue. The organizer will provide accommodation and food for the participants and the spectators

august 27, 2019: hosted by the United States and India, the special training of industry expert guojianming on "efficiency and speed increase and energy saving and consumption reduction of corrugated board production line", as well as the interactive exchange courses related to the production and maintenance of corrugated board production line with linhailong, wangjianfeng and dingjingmin. The courses are free and the accommodation is self-care

August 28, 2019: visit "2019 China International Corrugated Festival China International color box Festival"

registration contact

Tang Jian

Zeng Xiaohui

Xiang Shifen

the development of the paper packaging industry and the progress of skills are inseparable from the candid communication and joint efforts of the practitioners. At ordinary times, although we can show our strength in the factory, we lack the opportunity to exchange experience with experts on the spot, and we can not discuss the corrugated board process technology and solutions to difficult problems together

holding the tile line talent skills challenge can provide a platform for you. I hope you can use your technical friends to jointly promote the development of the industry. I hope that in the third vashida skills challenge, everyone can actively participate, shed sweat with full enthusiasm, show their strength and strength, and leave no regrets

introduction to the sponsor

Guangdong qinshanmei Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 870394) specializes in the R & D and promotion of the new corrugated board production process "no name" series and new technologies, and is known as the tile line reformer in the industry. Qinshanmei corrugated paper product process R & D and testing base is also known as the cradle of "Huangpu Military Academy of Chinese corrugated paper production process"

over the past ten years, qinshanmei's founding team has always carried out continuous follow-up research around the production process of corrugated board, such as reducing consumption and increasing speed, ultra-low gram weight, and heavy-duty corrugated board. It has transformed supporting tiles in the mainland and surrounding countries and regions. ③ high temperature air may trigger more than 1000 fire alarm lines. It has one industry-leading invention patent and more than 10 Chinese utility model invention patents. It has developed QSM series face paper cutting and feeding machines The squeegee is the first in the industry

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