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When the "final payer" turns into the "consignee", it is the speed and service

release date: Source: Xinhua

"too fast, I thought I was cheating this morning!!!"

"I suspect it was the neighbor who sent me the goods."

"at 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, the express boy sent a text message saying that the express was put at the door."

"order in the morning and receive goods in the morning" is no longer a new thing for the "final payer" to shut down immediately. However, when hundreds of millions of "final payers" paid the bill and left the scene to become "consignee", the test of express delivery people really began

"an average of 490million packages are on the road every day." This is the prediction of the State Post Office for the "double 11" this year, which is twice as large as in previous years. On the same day of the 11th, 675million express mails were processed nationwide, a year-on-year increase of 26.16%

the duration and trading volume of this year's "double 11" will exceed what he said in previous years - from any perspective, express delivery is facing a new and difficult stress test

at 6:00 a.m., in Shentong Baoding company, Hebei Province, more than 30 employees had already started a day's work, picking, packing and scanning, orderly and busy

"the one-stop hosting service of Shentong express has solved the big trouble of delivery and reduced the operating cost." Ms. Meng, the head of an e-commerce enterprise engaged in the sales of paper towels, said. This enterprise, which is mainly engaged in bamboo fiber tissue products, once achieved the performance of selling 200000 pieces of paper in one hour. In 2018, three large lithium mines in Australia will be put into operation

during the "double 11" this year, Shentong express built a warehouse service in Baoding industrial belt, Hebei Province, which will help more than 20 managed businesses deliver more than one million single express pieces. In addition to Baoding warehouse, Shentong express has opened the origin direct delivery mode in Jinhua, Yiwu and other cities

70000 express parcels can be sorted out in one hour, and the daily throughput can carry more than 5million peak orders. The largest intelligent automatic sorting equipment in Asia has been introduced into the Jingnan transfer center of Zhongtong express. Each line of this equipment is equipped with about 1400 "trolleys". Each "trolley" will carry an express on the guide rail at a speed of 2 meters per second. After identifying the system information through the camera scanned on five sides, the express will be sorted into the bag at the corresponding destination Bay, reducing the end-point operating pressure and operating costs

in the cainiaolo Nanjing unmanned warehouse, more than 20 robots transport the whole box of goods from a high-density storage warehouse and directly send them to the export. This warehouse can deliver 8000 cubic meters a day, equivalent to 1.4 million boxes of milk

"get through the whole process from storage to direct shipment." Huang Wei, general manager of cainiaolo's domestic supply chain, said that the degree of digital collaboration between merchant supply chains and express logistics companies has significantly improved

the "tall" Fuxing bullet train also entered the "double 11" war. At 5:02 a.m. on November 1, a full train of high-speed trains loaded with parcels started from Beijing West Railway Station and arrived at Wuhan Hankou station at 10:20 that day. According to the relevant person in charge of China Railway Shunfeng, this is the first pilot line of Fuxing EMU in China for the whole shipment of express. Packages for "riding" high-speed rail include shoes, hats, clothing, specialty products, digital products, etc. consumers can receive packages as soon as possible on the same day

"there is only one express distance between you and your favorite goods." Today's "double 11", people's requirements for express delivery are not only speed, but also quality and service

"the navel orange was wrapped with pearl cotton and put into a thermal insulation bag on December 18, 2013, and then put into a carton for sealing to prevent damage to the navel orange to the greatest extent." Aiming at the problems often encountered in furniture, household appliances, fresh fruits and other goods, deppon Express provides professional packaging services according to different goods categories to ensure the safe delivery of goods. On the basis of the "delivery and loading integration" service, it also provides a more cost-effective "delivery and loading separation" service, that is, the courier is responsible for door-to-door delivery and the installer is responsible for door-to-door installation

"the annual 'double 11' express business volume basically indicates the daily state of the next year." Zhaoguojun, director of the postal development research center of Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, said that behind the continuous growth in the number of express delivery is the people's demand for a better life and the prosperity of the Chinese market

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