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Is your family still using a wooden wardrobe with dirt and debris? Throw it away quickly. The "glass Wardrobe" is more classy.

the wardrobe is an essential piece of furniture for every family. In the past, people generally chose the same wooden wardrobe, which is nothing new, and it will make people feel tired after a long time. Nowadays, with the development of living standards, people's quality of life is getting higher and higher, and the requirements for furniture and home furnishings are becoming more and more strict. Glass wardrobes with their own high-level sense and creativity have become the choice of more and more families. If your family is still using wooden wardrobes with fallen soil, you might as well consider the glass wardrobes that are fast and slow

I. glass cloakroom

owning a cloakroom is every woman's dream, but many people are defeated by the reality that the bedroom is small, and the cloakroom has become a discarded "luxury". Now we can use the corner or side position of the bedroom to realize the dream of owning a cloakroom through a customized glass cloakroom

in particular, the independent small cloakroom with an area of about 3 ㎡ will make the space more crowded if it is made of thick wood. The glass door is used to separate the space. There is no need to worry about the problem of excessive formaldehyde, and it is visually more transparent

if the conditions of the glass cloakroom are good, the folding door can be used, so it is very convenient to take clothes. Where clothes or accessories are placed can be seen at a glance, which is very convenient for our life

II. Glass wardrobe

abandon the traditional wooden door wardrobe, and use the glass wardrobe with the lamp belt to give people a delicate and dreamy high-level feeling. The clothes in the wardrobe are like exhibits, which are pleasing to the eye. At this time, you will find that the cabinet in the bedroom is a global chemical giant, not only a piece of furniture, but also an ornament, making the bedroom look more fashionable and cutting-edge

the frame of transparent glass wardrobe is now very popular in black or high-grade gray. It looks very good with transparent glass or frosted glass. It has a visual effect with its own beauty

the glass wardrobe is light in volume. Even if the bedroom has poor lighting and small area, it will not feel depressed

the exquisite and atmospheric transparent wardrobe brings a different amazing beauty to the bedroom

III. about the size of the wardrobe

the depth of the wardrobe: the depth of the wardrobe is very important. It is too narrow for clothes to be hung in, which wastes the bedroom area and is inconvenient to use. Generally, the depth of the wardrobe is between mm, which is more suitable for hanging clothes

size of the hanging area: the hanging area must be combined with your daily dressing and storage habits. Generally, it can be divided into the overcoat area and the short clothing area. The short clothes area generally needs a height of 850mm, while the long clothes need a height of no less than 1350mm. Of course, if you are tall and like to wear long clothes over the knee, you need a height of at least 1500mm

size of the bedding area: the top of the wardrobe is usually used to place cotton quilts and other infrequent items. The height of the bedding area is generally mm

size of pants hanging area: for partners who love to wear suits, a pants hanging area is usually customized. If a wardrobe pants rack is used, 650mm should be reserved; If the hanger is used, at least 700mm shall be reserved

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