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Semi underground kiln Tibetan air discharge fresh-keeping technology

semi underground kiln electronic controlled atmosphere fresh-keeping technology, first of all, there must be a semi underground kiln, which can provide a relatively stable environment maintained above 0 ℃ and below 18 ℃ all year round. BX series of electronic controlled atmosphere fresh-keeping machine is installed in the kiln. This machine generates a certain amount of ozone and negative ions through high-voltage discharge. Through this method, fruits and vegetables are fresh-keeping. This is the core part of the electronic controlled atmosphere preservation technology in semi underground kiln. Ozone is a strong oxidant, which can oxidize and decompose the ethylene emitted by fruits in their physiological activities after picking, and ethylene is a gas that plays a role in accelerating ripening. In addition, ozone can also play a role in disinfection and sterilization. In this way, there are three other germs on the fruit, that is, when making samples, cut the same width of 1cm at the bonding between the outsole wall and the upper, measure the peel strength of each point, and the fungi and bacteria that endanger the fruit in the fresh-keeping environment can be killed. In addition to producing ozone, the machine can also produce negative ion gas. Fresh fruits will breathe after picking. The lower the respiratory intensity, the better for fruit preservation. Negative ion gas can inhibit the respiratory intensity of fruits, so that they can achieve the purpose of preservation. The fresh-keeping technology has the following four features. The first feature is that the technology of building a kiln is very simple, the investment is small, and it is suitable for rural development. To build a 100 cubic meter semi underground fresh-keeping room, you only need to invest about 300 yuan. If you don't build a new kiln, home; There is a ready-made fruit kiln in it, so we can transform it because it is shabby. The second feature: BX series electronic fresh-keeping machine is small and portable, with lax requirements for the environment, low price, low energy consumption and safety, so it is particularly suitable for supporting the use of rural kiln storage and fresh-keeping. A BX? According to the relevant policies of "1035" new materials and the healthy development in the future, the fresh machine can be used for 4~5 100 cubic meters of semi underground kilns. The data has high requirements for the detection of elongation, about 1500 yuan per set. The third feature: the machine is light (15 kg), safe to use, and power-saving. The maximum power consumption in a storage quarter (about 180~200 days) is no more than 50 degrees. The fourth feature: the technology has good fresh-keeping effect, no pollution, high quality and high efficiency

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