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HAMMER#8482; The function list of water hammer and water hammer dynamic analysis software

method of characteristics hammer uses the numerical solution of method of characteristics, which is undoubtedly the most accurate and reliable algorithm for water hammer dynamic analysis

other methods, such as the wave diagram method (turn off the main motor source, computer and printer of the experiment), the wave characteristic method, etc., will reduce the accuracy of the numerical solution, because they only calculate the results at the confluence node, and the characteristic law calculates the results at the node and along the pipeline, accurately capturing any important changes that may be missed

establish a mode for all hydraulic components

water hammer protection equipment: hammer includes a variety of water hammer control devices. Users can choose from more than 20 kinds of control devices to simulate and compare control schemes infinitely, so as to develop the most suitable control scheme to mitigate the impact of water hammer

water hammer protection devices include relief wells (open, overflow, one-way, air holes, air bags, variable areas, release areas, differential), air tanks (air chambers), inspection valves, mechanical or electronic controls, etc

the control scheme includes increasing the inertia of the pump/turbine, rearranging the pipeline path and combination, adjusting the operation process of the pump/turbine, changing the operation strategy of the regulating valve, etc

hydraulic components of water hammer: hammer includes all hydraulic components often used in the pipeline system. If users want to add special components, they can easily add user-defined components by themselves

establish a model for all water hammer phenomena through which the general torsion tester works

hammer can accurately simulate a series of complete instantaneous water hammer phenomena, including some situations that most need accurate numerical calculation, such as cavitation and separation phenomena

it adds a set of complex algorithms to calculate the formation of cavitation and monitor their movement and rupture, and its reliable numerical calculation engine can seamlessly transition between rigorous oscillation theory and elasticity theory

such a multi-purpose model enables you to simulate various water hammer events, from slow water hammer waves caused by the filling of deep-water sewers to fast instantaneous pressure waves moving at the speed of sound

model establishment and model management

layout: use a simple drag and arrange tool to directly establish your pipe. You can also connect with EPANET, watercad, watergems, and other pipe hydraulic models seamlessly, so as to make the whole model establishment process easy and comfortable

elastic calculation time step: you can choose to use the time step set in hammer, or enter your own time step

flextables: apply the flextable system that is completely customized for users to speed up the data input process, and view the results more easily. You can use sorting and filtering functions to query data, execute all, and have the function of real-time dynamic updating tables

engineering database: after inputting information once, the high-end utilization can retain your own engineering attribute data set about pumps, liquids, valves, etc., and then you can use these engineering data many times

pump operation curve: enter your own pump operation curve, or select one from the curve menu of the new engineering data set

initial steady-state flow calculation engine

hammer can calculate the initial steady-state hydraulic conditions of your model (calculate the initial conditions), becoming a complete, independent instantaneous analysis solution

at the same time, if you have watercad or watergems, you can choose to use hammer as a calculation module in the pipe model (including the independent interface version, AutoCAD version, ArcGIS version and microstatio, which are difficult to seize the strategic commanding height; 3. The resource utilization ability is not high, version n)

calculation of instantaneous water hammer intensity

automatically calculate the magnitude and direction of instantaneous water hammer intensity at each time step, and present the analysis results in tables and graphs. Then you can output the results to the structural analysis program for use

establishment of hydraulic turbine model: load acceptance and rejection

the hydraulic turbine and penstock of hydropower station usually operate under high-pressure steady state. The rapid changes caused by power interruption or other emergencies may lead to very high instantaneous pressure, which may damage the penstock or other equipment. If hammer is used for hydraulic analysis, The designer can confirm whether the pipeline and flow control equipment can withstand the transient pressure that may be generated in normal operation or in an emergency. Hammer can establish four different operation models: transient load rejection, load rejection, load acceptance, and load variation

report and result presentation

color display: display the results of the problem area in the form of color map, and mark the maximum and minimum pressure, flow, cavitation or steam volume. It is easy to mark the negative pressure area, which may cause cavitation damage. The range of high instantaneous pressure and the position of pipe burst are expressed in the form of image

animation demonstration: dynamic calculation results can be stored and animated to make the results more bright and powerful. You can start or stop the animation demonstration at any time, play it one by one between the air hole rupture, or jump directly to a specific time step

flexible profile and chart: depict the transient evolution process at any point in the system, so as to present the temporal changes of hydraulic parameters, such as pressure and flow, and add explanatory symbols, annotations, and control graphic scale, line type, shadow, and title to produce reports and charts that can be fully controlled by the user

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