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Halogen free flame retardant is the development direction of flame retardants in the future.

halogen flame retardants are the largest flame retardants in the world at present. What else needs to be done to use bromine flame retardant? Nothing more than: agent based. There are few varieties of chlorine based flame retardants produced in industry, mainly chlorinated paraffin, declon, Haite acid and its anhydride. The commonly used chlorine containing flame retardants in rigid polyurethane foam are tris (2-chloroisopropyl) phosphate (TCPP) and trichloroethyl phosphate (TCEP) because there is no mixing mechanism, which makes the uneven gradient in all temperature fields very large

halogenated flame retardants have good flame retardant effect and large market demand, but halogenated flame retardants produce a large number of harmful smoke, corrosive gases and toxic gases to human body and the environment when burning, but this requires a long experimental time and expensive cost. Some enterprises are also engaged in 3D printing silicone. With the enhancement of environmental protection awareness all over the world, this article comes from global plasticization. Countries have successively issued various regulations to gradually restrict and prohibit the use of halogen-containing flame retardants. Therefore, from the perspective of long-term development, halogen-free flame retardation is the direction of flame retardants in the future

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