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Hamming hybrid cloud management platform - define enterprise cloud service

cloud computing (it is cloud computing matured for a period of time at a constant temperature) is a new business computing model. It distributes computing tasks on the resource pool composed of a large number of computers, so that various application systems can obtain computing power, storage space and various software services according to their needs. This resource pool is called cloud. As cloud computing takes root in China, it has slowly begun to replace the traditional IT construction mode

in the new cloud environment, Beijing Hamming ICT Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hamming) provides an open and secure platform for the operation and maintenance management of Enterprise Cloud Data Centers for the private cloud and hybrid cloud markets in the first 11 months of this year. After years of technical precipitation, Hamming has become one of the leaders in the field of hybrid cloud management

development trend

the cloud computing service market will maintain a high-speed growth trend

China has a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the growth period. Due to the limitation of financial strength and the low return on investment of self built data centers, the rental mode of cloud computing services can provide appropriate solutions for these small and medium-sized enterprises. For small and medium-sized enterprises, using cloud computing services can reduce investment and operation costs, simplify application deployment and management, and flexibly adapt application systems and infrastructure. More and more enterprises will be connected to the cloud computing field, especially the traditional small and medium-sized enterprises have greater demand, and there is more room for imagination for market development

hybrid cloud will become the preferred solution for enterprises

with the increasingly perfect cloud computing ecosystem, cloud service practitioners are gradually increasing, and more and more enterprises begin to move towards and go deep into cloud computing, and hybrid cloud will become the preferred solution for enterprises. The advantages of hybrid cloud can not only preserve the security of sensitive data on private cloud, but also use the low cost and scalability of public cloud. In the future, hybrid cloud will become the backbone of enterprise it. It combines the characteristics of public cloud and private cloud, and can realize the benefits of security, agility, scalability, cost efficiency and flexibility

cloud services will penetrate into more industries

cloud services will begin to penetrate into more industries: e-government, online video, mobile Internet applications, Internet finance, Internet payment, Internet information security, car service, etc. with the popularity of mobile Internet and the application of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data and IOT in China, the integration of cloud computing and mobile platforms will be accelerated step by step, and the application of cloud computing will be more extensive in the future, It has triggered radical changes in various industries

Hamming cloud service

when enterprises move from the original it model to the emerging private cloud and public experimental process, they need a comprehensive hybrid cloud management platform. Under the coexistence of multiple modes and clouds, unified management of all it environments of enterprises has become a problem that must be solved at present. The agile hybrid cloud management platform (agility cloud) provided by Hanming cloud service business is designed for this purpose

Hamming agile hybrid cloud management platform has the following characteristics in hybrid cloud management:

unified management of hosts from different sources

support the import of various public cloud hosts, private cloud hosts and physical machines; Provide multiple import methods (automatic, manual, batch import); Cluster diversity and group management of all imported hosts according to the application perspective; Integrate the cloud API, support dynamic creation and import, and support automatic scaling

efficient operation and maintenance of thousands of hosts

batch execution of scripts for clusters, virtual machines or virtual machines; Execute scripts in various ways (on demand, timing, alarm triggering); View script execution status, results and history in a centralized manner; Unified management of various operation and maintenance scripts to facilitate the operation and maintenance of a batch of leading enterprises such as Hunan Shanshan, Ningbo rongbai, beiteri, etc. the production capacity of cathode materials in the construction or planned construction also reaches 100000 tons, and all links are reused

end-to-end monitoring to achieve rapid feedback

provide virtual machine, site and port monitoring; Support application level custom monitoring; Provide cluster and virtual unit level monitoring data display; Support multi-level alarm definition and alarm status display

self service access to it resources, speed up the development and testing on the cloud

one click to create or release the cloud resources used by the application system; Automatically execute user-defined logic and complete cloud resource initialization; Unified management of self-service IT resource application, use and expenditure; Support custom image

devops collaboration platform, accelerate cloud business innovation

connect common code building tools to achieve unified artifacts management; Compatible with awscodedeploy specification and supporting different deployment strategies; Visualize the whole deployment process and display the deployment progress and results in real time; Unified deployment and management of development, testing, quasi production and production environments

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