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Xinhua News Agency's "half month talk" for the first time focused on the conversion of new and old kinetic energy of Shantui

Xinhua News Agency's "half month talk" for the first time focused on the conversion of new and old kinetic energy of Shantui

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recently, Xinhua News Agency's "half month talk will teach you a lesson" in-depth reported on the topic of the conversion of new and old kinetic energy of Shantui. "Banyuetan" is the current political journal with the largest circulation in China. The CPC Central Committee announced that they had displayed their own advantageous products and new sensor force measurement technology. It is a party journal for grass-roots readers hosted by Xinhua news agency entrusted by the Ministry of communication. It is known as "the first journal in China". As the "national team" of China's equipment manufacturing industry, Shantui has once again become the focus of attention in the industry by bravely shouldering heavy burdens, daring to innovate, activating old kinetic energy and cultivating new kinetic energy

in the special topic of "half moon talk", publicity and reports were made on the innovation and upgrading of Shantui, the development of 5g remote-control bulldozer, China's largest horsepower bulldozer, intelligent manufacturing project, and helping the construction of huoshenshan hospital. Shantui has the advantages of cohesion, resource synergy, promoting the transformation from marketing driven to product driven, accelerating the structural adjustment of products, markets and businesses, complying with the changes in construction methods brought about by the development of IOT technology, building the core competitiveness of enterprises, accelerating the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, and promoting the pace of high-quality development of enterprises

with the acceleration of "made in China 2025" and the pace of supply side reform and upgrading, the in-depth application of 5g technology and big data has become a new booster for industry upgrading. Specific applications such as driverless, artificial intelligence, IOT, etc. promote the construction machinery industry to achieve comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development and the development and growth of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry. On April 22, when Li Ganjie, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee and acting governor, visited Shantui to investigate Shantui, he encouraged Shantui to strengthen the research and development of products, master core technologies, improve the market competitiveness of products, and ensure the transformation of products to high added value. On April 27, linhongyu, deputy secretary of Jining Municipal Party committee and acting mayor, led a team to observe the smart construction of Shantui on site, hoping that Shantui can add momentum to the new infrastructure construction in Jining and surrounding areas. With scientific and technological innovation as the engine and around the core of "intelligent manufacturing", Shantui has not only opened up the road of industrial upgrading ahead of the global industry, but also opened the era of independent innovation of Chinese bulldozers

high quality development is a long-term battle to overcome difficulties for Chinese construction machinery manufacturing enterprises. Recently, the company has changed its thinking, unified its thinking, solidly promoted the "four accelerations" activities, continued to strengthen the promotion of innovation and efficiency, and comprehensively optimized the development ecology of Shantui. A series of innovative revolutions, such as accelerating the upgrading of intellectualization and intelligent manufacturing, accelerating digital transformation, and accelerating the promotion of intelligent construction projects, will become a new powerful engine to promote the high-quality development of the company

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