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Han Qicheng: give a neutral rating to the glass and glass products industry

Han Qicheng predicts that 15 lines will be put into operation in the glass and glass products industry in 2012, and the ignition probability is high in the second half of the year

the main contents of the research report are: the price of ten day glass fell slightly nationwide in December; in mid December, the price index of building glass was 64. 9, with a decrease of 28%, and a monthly decrease of 4. 5%, slightly higher than the price index 54 at the beginning of 2009. Bottom position of 9. The price of ten days fell in part: 4mm building glass in Shanghai fell 2 month on month. 9%, 5mm building glass ring fell 3. 1%; The price of 4mm building glass in Guangzhou fell by 11. The price of 8% and 5mm building glass fell by 11. 6%, 6mm auto glass fell 10 month on month. 6%; 4mm auto glass in Beijing fell 3 month on month. 6%, 5mm auto glass fell 2 month on month. 8%, Qinhuangdao auto glass fell 2% month on month. 1%; The price of 4mm building glass and 5mm building glass in Henan remained unchanged

in November, the ex factory price of glass in key contact enterprises continued to decline, and the average price of float glass fell to 58 in November. 43 yuan/weight box, with a decrease of 30. 1%, with a monthly decrease of 7. 1%, the average price of color glass is 68. 85 yuan/weight box, with a decrease of 24. 2%, annular drop 4. 6%。 In November, the output of flat glass of key enterprises was 42.32 million heavy boxes, an increase of 10. 77%, ring down 3. 5%. In November, the sales volume of flat glass was 41.45 million heavy boxes, with an increase of 6. 8%, annular drop 0. 5%。 The inventory in November was 30.85 million heavy containers, with an increase of 90%. 66%, and the inventory production ratio reached 72 in November. 9%。

This is bound to expand the foam granulator

as of mid December, there were 263 float glass production lines in China. RI Rong 1. Performance characteristics of servo controller of ring stiffness experimental machine: the quantity reached 14. 20000 tons, with an increase of 13. 99%, excluding the production line that is put out of service, the actual daily melting volume is 11. 50000 tons, with an increase of 3. 78%; With the recent drainage and shutdown of many production lines, 65 production lines have been shut down, and 19 production lines have been announced to enter the cold repair state in the past month. At present, the actual utilization rate of the production line is 80. 77%, slightly higher than the low of 78% at the beginning of 2009. In mid December, the inventory was 27.19 million weight boxes, and its biological source was rapeseed oil, with an increase of 98. 7%, annular drop 6. 7%。

raw material prices fluctuated in mid December. In mid December, the price of heavy oil in North China rose to 4700 yuan/ton, an increase of 25. 3%, with a ring increase of 2. 2%。 The price of soda ash remained after a slight decline in early July. The price of high-end heavy soda ash in East China fell slightly to 1800 yuan/ton, down 25% at the same time and 7% month on month. 7%, light soda ash up to 1680. Yuan/ton, down 4% month on month. Coal prices began to fall after December, and the closing price of 5500 in Qinhuangdao fell to 815 yuan/ton, up 3% at the same time. 2%, down 35 yuan/ton from November, down 4. 1%。

the year-on-year growth rate of real estate and automobile demand fell in the fourth quarter, and the new construction area of real estate increased by 9% in November. 7%, with a ring increase of 15. 9%; The construction area of the real estate increased by 14% and 18% respectively. 1; The completed area of the property increased by 47. 8%, ring down 22. 3%; The sales area of real estate decreased by 1. 7%, with an increase of 18. 8%。 Automobile production fell by 3% in November. 4%, with a ring increase of 7. 9%, with car sales down 2. 4%, with an increase of 8. 6%。 Up to now, 21 new lines have been put into operation nationwide in 2011, and a total of 1 line has been put into operation. Relevant lines have been carefully inspected. Capacity of 0.3 billion weight boxes; Due to the obvious downturn of the industry, the number of cold repair lines announced in the second half of the year began to increase, and this trend is expected to continue until the first quarter of next year. In consideration of the current environment, the ignition time of some under construction or completed production will be postponed, waiting for the industry to recover; It is expected that 15 lines will be put into operation in 2012, and the ignition probability is high in the second half of the year

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