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Han laser recently successfully launched a new large format laser Imagesetter

Han laser has been committed to the design, production and sales of mainstream laser Imagesetter models in the market for many years (big four open/big two open/big full open is generally acceptable). In view of the growing market demand for large format laser imagesetters, it successfully developed and produced a large format laser Imagesetter yd52 (1320*914mm) in November 2006, This machine has successfully overcome the technical problems in all aspects of large format laser Imagesetter. It produces universal hardness tester for measuring the hardness value under various hardness scales. The large format laser Imagesetter drum vibration is small, does not deform, the mechanical part is stable, durable, and the imaging is stable. The 32 channel semiconductor laser imaging speed is fast, and the quality is guaranteed (3. The park continues to improve the infrastructure annual warranty), the performance is stable, and the price of the sculpture is affordable, It is an excellent choice for printing factory output companies of large, medium and small enterprises at home and abroad

Han's laser will also launch several ultra large format laser imagesetters at the end of 2006. The maximum format is 1600*1200mm, 2100*1600mm, etc. in addition, laser imagesetters of various formats can also be customized according to the special needs of customers

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