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Half of the Analects of Confucius governing enterprises

"during the war in the Yuan Dynasty, a group of scholars fled on the road. It was summer, and they were hungry and thirsty. When they saw a pear tree on the roadside, they went up and looted it. Only one person didn't move. Others asked him why he didn't eat it, and he said, 'the pear tree is ownerless, my heart is ownerless.' later, this man became a Bachelor of the Imperial College of the Yuan Dynasty. Although things are small, he can hold it, that is, self-cultivation."

this is the story of "Xu Heng doesn't eat pears". The storyteller is sun Dawu, the founder and chief supervisor of Hebei Dawu agriculture and animal husbandry group, a legendary private entrepreneur. The people who listen to the story are all the cadres and salesmen of Dawu group

use historical stories to let everyone understand that "gentlemen love money and take it in a right way". Sun Dawu can't remember how many times this is, because he has talked about this truth from the Analects of Confucius for more than ten years. Among Chinese entrepreneurs, sun Dawu is a very unique member. When countless Chinese entrepreneurs hope to learn management methods from Welch and Walton, sun Dawu has been learning management wisdom from Confucius more than 2000 years ago, and is never tired of it

since 1992, he has turned the Analects of Confucius into a powerful tool for managing enterprises. At the monthly meeting, he would tell the employees oneortwo sentences in the Analects of Confucius, connecting historical stories, daily life and recent work, and guide everyone to study and discuss together. This month, he would say "a gentleman never compares with others in a week", and next month, he would discuss "don't do to others what you don't want."

in 1997, he built a Confucian temple in the enterprise. Confucius stood in the middle with a scroll in his hand. On the left and right sides, there were statues of Confucius' disciples, Zi Gong and Zi Lu, respectively. On the wall behind them, there was a big book with the word "benevolence". On the 15th day of the first day of the lunar new year, employees and nearby villagers often spontaneously came to pay tribute to the Confucian temple

in 2005, the number of employees in the enterprise increased to more than 1000. It is not realistic to bring everyone together to study the Analects every month. He also sent each employee a copy of the Analects. At that time, when the best-selling western management book "from excellence to excellence" swept the country, the second edition had just been published, and almost every manager in China had a copy. Sun Dawu insisted on the idea of "learning to be a man before learning to do things". There is no more suitable "textbook" for how to be a man than the Analects

he also wrote the gentle, kind, courteous, frugal and intelligent letters into the corporate culture, which is unique among Chinese entrepreneurs

"I am a practitioner of Confucian culture and a beneficiary of Confucian culture." Sun Dawu told us, "the biggest benefit is that people benefit from virtue, and the development of enterprises is very healthy and fast. Another benefit is that people have a very peaceful spirit, and they know to be filial to their parents, to be responsible for their children, and then to the society."

sun Dawu is not a special case. In his book the Analects of Confucius and abacus, the famous Japanese industrialist shunzawa Rongyi vigorously opposed the so-called concept that economic activities are incompatible with ethics and morality, and proved with his own actions that "if you follow the motto of the Analects of Confucius to conduct business activities, you can make money and get rich," and warned other entrepreneurs, "if you really seek profits and are not based on benevolence, righteousness and morality, then it will never last for a long time." Sun Dawu didn't know Shibuya Rongyi very well, but he used 22 years to prove the same result: "after 22 years of running an enterprise, I think Chinese culture is very effective in enterprise management. The reason why our enterprise can develop healthily is that Confucian culture plays a great role. Moreover, it is also interlinked with western management."

moral management

being rich and expensive is what people want; If you don't get it by its way, you won't get anywhere. Poverty and baseness are human evils; If you don't get it by its way, you can't go The central idea of this sentence in the Analects of Confucius

is that a gentleman loves money and takes it wisely, and ill gotten money cannot be taken. The moral management extended from this is the core value of Dawu group. In sun Dawu's view, such values are also the most mass-based values

sun Dawu said, "my corporate culture is a moral culture naturally produced in free life. When I was mining folk moral resources, I found the traditional Confucianism that can be most recognized by the folk, so I set Confucius as an idol."

Of course, sun Dawu used Confucianism to govern enterprises, not only because it has a mass base, but also because it is very effective and practical in enterprise management. Sun Dawu's mother believed in Buddhism and his father believed, which had a great impact on him, but he felt that these ideas were somewhat elevated, while Confucianism was not elevated, which was very practical. Sun Dawu said, "Confucian culture is a kind of moral culture. Morality can be achieved by everyone, and it is good for everyone. If you buy and sell at a fair price, everyone will find you, and you will be rich."

however, it is very difficult to make such a culture become the imperceptible behavior of every employee in the enterprise, and it cannot be simply "formed naturally". Sun Dawu said, "you will be tempted when you see money. It's not easy to defend yourself."

since 1992, sun Dawu began to speak the Analects of Confucius in enterprises, saying oneortwo sentences a month, and everyone discussed it together. Sometimes, in order to let everyone know in depth, I say it over and over again for several months. At that time, there were only oneortwo hundred people in Dawu group. Sun Dawu not only spoke the original words in the Analects of Confucius, but also was good at turning the general principles into vernacular and stories, which were connected with ordinary life and work and told to employees. Once, he said that when his children went to school, they saw whether to pick up ten yuan on the way. He said, "this money is cheap, don't pick it up." He repeatedly stressed to the employees that this kind of cheapness should not be taken advantage of. Only by becoming rich through diligence and morality can we be safe and reliable. Although there are many different opinions among the employees, after sun Dawu "talked about it in a special meeting several times", the gentleman loves money and takes it in a reasonable way, which is gradually understood and accepted

reasoning and telling stories is only one aspect. A value can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but also reflected in the day-to-day leadership behavior of senior leaders of enterprises, especially in decision-making. Sun Erwu, the younger brother of sun Dawu, was in charge of the feed factory in Dawu group. At that time, there was a supplier of soybean cakes named Pangle. He had cooperated with Dawu group for many years and trusted each other. So after he sent the soybean cakes, he went directly to the house to drink water. The weighing of materials was done by the employees of Dawu group. Once, a new employee, seeing that Pangle was not there, directly moved the bean cake to the factory without weighing it, leaving a cake secretly, which was to earn 10 yuan. After knowing this, the old employee told sun Erwu in time. Sun Erwu immediately talked to the employee and punished him

another time, a trader in Beijing came to order the goods from their corn food factory. The packaging of Dawu group was 25 kg per bag, and the trader asked for 24 kg. He paid according to this weight, but the packaging was also printed with 25 kg. At that time, a cousin of sun Erwu was in charge of this matter. After the senior management of the company learned about this, this cousin was removed from his post. Later, he has been doing technical work and has never been mentioned in the management position again. Dawu group did not cooperate with this customer anymore. "When doing business, we should pay attention to benevolence, handouts and conscience. The actual weight of our 50kg feed should be three or two more, because it may be wasted in the transportation process, and we must ensure that the products are enough to be delivered to consumers at any time." Sun Erwu, the current chairman of the group, said

sun Dawu upholds the same standard of ethical management for suppliers, consumers and customers. When the chicken cage factory of Dawu group was initially established, a Shandong customer remitted 50000 yuan at a time to order for goods, requiring delivery within two months. In the process of delivery, the market price of steel fell. Sun Dawu took the initiative to give the declining part of the profits to this Shandong customer. He said, "market competition is the competition of morality and personality. Wealth will be concentrated in the hands of moral people."

in order to make everyone's feelings more intuitive, sun Dawu also spent time on hardware. In 1997, he went to Europe. At Cologne Cathedral in Germany, he was deeply shocked by the pious prayers of people. After returning to China, he built a temple to worship Confucianism in the Dawu group, with a statue of Confucius in the middle, Zigong standing on the left and Zilu standing on the right, with a big word "benevolence" written on the wall. At the same time, Guan Yu and Yue Fei were molded in the temple. Guan Yu took the word "righteousness" and Yue Fei took the word "loyalty". On the 15th day of the first day of the lunar new year, people often pay tribute spontaneously. In the garden not far from the Confucian temple, there is a Huiru Pavilion echoing it from afar

sun Dawu once cherished the dream of a writer and participated in the correspondence class of Chinese language and literature held by China University of Geosciences. Now, he applies his literary talents to the company's slogan and product advertisements. On the colonnade in front of the Confucian temple, he wrote "the earth is barren, and heaven's principles exist, and education is sparse and moistens the people", and on the screen wall of the industrial plant, he wrote "the name is meticulous, the reputation is sought, and the profit is not wasted by hard-earned money". He wrote an advertisement for Dawu Ganquan of the water supply company: "the sky at Dawu is blue, the water at Dawu is sweet, and the people at Dawu are kind."

sun Dawu said, "why did Meng's mother move three times? It's because the environment can educate, transform and edify people."

the most persuasive expression of the impact of corporate culture on employee behavior can be said to be when sun Dawu had an accident in 2003, when sun Dawu's use of private funds was branded as illegal absorption of public deposits, and he, the vice chairman, the general manager, two chief financial officers and three financial personnel were all arrested. When Dawu group had no leader, each factory operated independently and recorded hundreds of thousands of daily accounts every day. During sun Dawu's 158 days in prison, none of the employees took advantage of the fire, nor did anyone fall into the trap, and none of the middle-level cadres fell behind. After sun Dawu came out, he re established the account. Tens of millions of running water, only 2000 yuan. Sorry to come. Even the procurator general said to sun Dawu, "your enterprise is a miracle." When sun Dawu told us about this result, he was very proud: "after learning the Analects of Confucius for so many years, they knew that they would not take ill gotten gains, and they were loyal to things and quick to do."

week without comparison

a gentleman is week without comparison, and a villain is week without comparison. - The Analects of Confucius for politics

"gentlemen are unity, not collusion; villains are collusion, not unity." This is the first lesson sun Dawu taught his two younger brothers when they joined the company

this sentence has become a criterion for sun Dawu to deal with the relationship between the three brothers since then (1992)

sun Dawu has been thinking about how to make people unite with each other instead of colluding with each other? Then we should have common aspirations, not temporary interests. As the saying goes, "a gentleman is compared to righteousness, and a villain is compared to profit". "Interests will not be eternal. Once the distribution is uneven, it will split. Ambition is eternal, there is eternal goal, there is eternal unity, and there will be no division." Sun Dawu said

SUN Dawu's ambition is to build a Dawu city and lead everyone on the road of common prosperity. At that time, sun Dawu had publicly stated that his enterprise "did not make profits

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