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Extraordinary service experience Zoomlion service E-PASS cares for customers

extraordinary service experience Zoomlion service E-PASS cares for customers

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Guide: Service E-PASS fulfills its efficient service commitment. Service E-PASS information platform is jointly launched by Zoomlion and China mobile on the basis of call center. Service E-PASS is specially designed for the service characteristics of concrete machinery industry, Customers will feel the extraordinary service brought by information technology

with the increasing proportion of plastic packaging in the packaging industry, service E-PASS fulfills its high-efficiency service commitment. The service E-PASS information platform is jointly launched by Zoomlion and China Mobile on the basis of the call center. Service E-PASS is specially designed for the service characteristics of the concrete machinery industry, and customers will feel the extraordinary service experience and value brought by information technology

each after-sales service personnel of Zoomlion will be specially equipped with terminals to realize the nearby rapid dispatch service through the global positioning system. Starting from the user dialing 400, the call center will quickly dispatch workers, one-to-one real-time monitoring, accurate navigation of equipment, real-time transmission of synchronous information, and real-time query of accessories database. The full set of measures will ensure that the most specific differentiation reflects the following items: solve equipment faults quickly

at the same time, the "expert seat" of the 400 call center is composed of a number of concrete machinery R & D, manufacturing and service experts to guide service personnel on difficult faults that cannot be quickly handled on site. If the on-site service personnel can't solve the fault, the 400 call center will send someone to serve

service E-PASS is still an effective form of changing from "passive maintenance" to "active care" during assembly and after the event. When each concrete machine of Zoomlion reaches the specified maintenance time, the service E-PASS will also remind the customer to carry out the equipment maintenance on schedule in various forms, and notify the relevant service personnel to go to the equipment site for maintenance services, so as to avoid unnecessary losses caused by the equipment not being maintained in time

service E-PASS has changed the traditional service mode, greatly improved the service efficiency and the supply speed of accessories, made the service under the whole process monitoring, realized standardized, intelligent, all-round, all-weather and all-round service, and realized the seamless connection of services. Zoomlion will take this as the basis to realize the service pursuit of customer satisfaction as the value

in order to further achieve efficient service, Zoomlion also changed the previous service mode of individual combat, and set up a service team of more than 3 people to implement targeted team services for equipment failure. The service team is composed of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical professional service personnel, and each service engineer is equipped with common tool kits; The service vehicle is equipped with standard tools of the service vehicle; Service stations are equipped with standard tools by level; The special service emergency repair and detection vehicle is equipped with advanced detection instruments such as hydraulic system digital detector, hydraulic oil quality detector, material flaw detector and gas shielded welding machine, so as to speed up fault diagnosis and shorten fault resolution time

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