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What should I ask before I cooperate with web printing

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core tip: if you are a printer operator and are considering doing business, if there is a web printing platform thousands of miles away that wants to cooperate with you, you have two questions you should ask

Although Taiwan's printing industry has a fine division of labor, it can't avoid the pressure of oversupply brought by digitalization. The intensity of price competition is no different from that of the mainland? I remember that at the beginning of 2000, there were several efficient plate making factories. Because they cooperated with the service of the printing factory on time and made no mistakes, a few plate making factories took charge of the plate making of all important periodicals in Taiwan. There is a serious oversupply in the printing market, and the price of plate making continues to decline. The time efficiency of periodical printing is very high. Plate making is only a small part of printing. Because these plate making factories have good services, the price is much higher than the general plate making business. However, the decline of plate making price is an industrial environmental factor, which is as inevitable as gravity

the competition between excellent plate making factories is the same as that of other plate making businesses. Even if general plate making factories cannot replace their service advantages, the price is only reluctantly supported. No matter how rare, there is not only one excellent plate making factory. The competition between them is quite fierce

everyone wants to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with large periodical publishing companies, which can't do business at a loss. What else can we do when the service is in place

Xinxin Yintong is an image technology software company with a high market share in Taiwan. It found a large plate making factory to cooperate, moved computer software and digital printing equipment to the publishing department, and let the completed pages be stored in a specific folder and processed through a fully automatic prepress process. After proofing with a digital proofing machine, confirm the printing results in your office, and then send them to plate making and printing

the service of this virtual plate making factory allows you to go home and have a rest three hours early. At your strong request, the plate making factory stuck to some important periodical businesses. Just when Xinxin Yintong was still happy with its good technology and ideas, less than 12 months later, the plate making factory ran to say that it would not renew its contract next year, and there was no profit space to share when the price fell

this is the story of the changes in Taiwan's printing business 10 years ago. In fact, it is still on today, and so is the mainland

you are a printer operator and are considering doing business. If there is a web printing platform thousands of miles away that wants to cooperate with you, you should ask two questions:

if the web printing platform can really help find ④ output and print various experimental report formats (the report format can be output in Excel or word format) single-chip computer units associated with the amplifier to order, do we have enough profit space to share

if there is still profit space to share today, can we continue next month

simple questions often have earth shattering answers. Should online printing platforms and printing plants interested in doing business think about how to answer this question first

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