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Extrusion granulator contributes to the sustainable development of agriculture

Why do we say that the sustainable development of agriculture cannot be achieved without extrusion granulator? As you can see, the progress of socialization is accelerating. With the rapid progress of scientific and technological development, people have higher and higher requirements for material quality, and their awareness of green and ecological environmental protection is constantly enhanced. In the future development, only by being environmentally friendly, green and pollution-free can they be fully recognized by people

therefore, the traditional methods of applying manure, garbage and waste will not only cause certain harm to the environment, but also the effect will not be brought into full play with the increase of experimental power. However, the application of organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, microbial fertilizer and chemical fertilizer is increasing, and pelletizing equipment such as disc granulator has entered people's life and production

on the other hand, the extrusion machine regularly cleans the machinery and electricity, and the granulator makes human, livestock, poultry and other excrement into organic fertilizer by adding special processes, which not only has a good effect, but also has a good effect on the proliferation of microorganisms in the soil. These active factors can adjust the soil structure, improve the size of the planting structure and the labor intensity of fixture operation. The quality of melons, fruits and vegetables produced by the industry can enrich the soil, Have a very obvious effect

in particular, the long-term use of chemical fertilizers has resulted in the reduction of microorganisms in the soil and the hardening of the soil caused by the accumulation of salts. In view of these soil conditions, the application of organic fertilizer made of human, livestock and poultry manure can be completely improved. Of course, these organic fertilizers need to be treated by hammer crusher, screw conveyor, disc granulator, extrusion granulator and other organic fertilizer equipment

the organic fertilizer made without the treatment of the organic fertilizer production line or simply treated by the traditional single method will often damage the germination and rooting of crop seeds due to hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases, because it can't decompose the feces. 3. The harmful substances in the structural characteristics can't be fully activated when applied to the soil, and the harmful components accumulated due to the use of chemical fertilizer can't be completely activated, which greatly reduces the efficacy of organic fertilizer, and it will also emit a foul smell, Pollute the environment

in China's agriculture, we have always adhered to the strategy of sustainable development, and organic fertilizer plays a vital role in the sustainable development of agriculture, and the traditional direct application of organic fertilizer will inevitably cause environmental pollution, so we need a series of organic fertilizer production line equipment such as extrusion granulator. Only in this way can organic fertilizer more vigorously support the sustainable development of agriculture

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