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Extrusion coating composite process

5 Cooling roller

the cooling speed and surface condition of the cooling roller have a direct impact on the performance and surface state of the coated film. The uses of various cooling rollers are shown in the table

table surface conditions and uses of various cooling rollers

surface conditions of cooling rollers film transparency

smoothness roller manufacturing method general purpose mirror ◎ × It is grinded by the rough roller for many times (less than 0.2S) PP composite semi rough ○ × Grind it by rough roller until it is moderate. Mirror foil for pet transparent film

(ミラ - ポクツト) △△ as for semi extinction, there is no lubricant, and extinction for PE transparent film × ○ after the roller is electroplated, it is processed into PE opaque film by sand blasting; Rough surface for paper lamination × ○ after sandblasting, electroplating should have extinction and smoothness. Note: ◎ excellent, ○ good, △ OK, × Not good

extrusion temperature of extruder when LDPE is extruded, coated and compounded, the barrel temperature is set to 18. Plastic is always a good solution. 0 ℃/260 ℃/315 ℃/345 ℃, and the resin temperature is 315 ℃. In order to prevent the resin particles at the lower part of the hopper from overheating and melting, cooling water is introduced into the screw in the feeding section of the extruder to prevent premature melting and adhesion of the screw

6. Press roll

the center of the press roll for extruding salivation composite is the steel pipe, and the outer side is the sheath composed of silicone rubber, isoprene rubber or neoprene rubber with a thickness of mm. The inner part of the steel pipe is cooled by cooling water, which can prevent the aging of the outer surface by the compound rubber and the peeling of the rubber from the steel pipe. In addition, water can also be scattered on the rubber covered surface for cooling, and then the remaining water can be removed with a scraper roller, which can not reduce the gloss of moisture-proof cellophane, prevent the k film, km, mot moisture-proof coating from heating, and prevent the paper from curling when it is laminated

in order to improve the adhesion between the extruded resin film and the surface of the substrate, for things with rough surface such as paper, a solid adhesion can be obtained by using mechanical methods. For materials with smooth surface such as cellophane and aluminum foil, chemical treatment, i.e. coating with AC agent, is needed to improve the composite fastness

the composite membrane structure produced by drying and extrusion is shown in the table

composite membrane structure produced by surface drying and extrusion method

application packaging

can require structural compounding method binder remarks category content dry



fast food noodles moisture resistance, high-speed

packaging machine suitability Pt/PE


kpet/CPP or PE DL


DL ad305e/355e

ad301a/350 all brands are Japanese

brand noodle powder produced by Toyo Morton


vegetable soup moisture resistance, inclusion

heat sealing,

oil resistance Pt/PE/Al/PE

Pet/PE/Al/EVA or PE El


ad502/cat-10 generally can use dry method

composite residue paper/pe/al/peer no AC agent laver,

spreading moisture resistance, inclusion

heat sealing,


strength pet/this is a kind of insurance that does not cherish the machine pe/al/is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity peer-755,

ad302/cat-10 paper/pe/al/thermoplastic El no AC agent kopp/mst/cppdlad-305e/355e,

ad-301a/350a candy,

fast food moisture resistance, resistance to

oily kopp/pe/cpp or pedlad-305e/355e

ad-301a/350a opp/pe/cppellel-755opp (partially coated) no green tea,

coffee moisture resistance heat sealing property with

sundries, Viscosity kopp/peel

or dlad-502/cat-10pt/pe/al/press the forward or reverse button on the loading switch as needed, peelad372-mw,

there is no primer Pt/PE/paper in el-420/

PE/Al/thermoplastic elad372-mw,

there is no primer PET/PE/Al/peelad372-mw in el-420,

there is no primer meat in el-420

.P> taste ham,

sausage boiling gas resistant polyethylene fork/PE fork dlad953/cat-10kopa/PE or evadlad575/cat-10

ad548t/cat-10 ony/Eval/pedlad575/cat-10

ad548t/cat-10 containing



pickles are acid resistant, gas resistant, moisture resistant

and inclusion

.P> heat sealing, Resistance to

boiling kpet/pe or evadlad548/cat-10

ad900/rt-5 K cellophane/pe or evadlad548/cat-10

ad900/tr-5ony/eval/pe or evadlad548/cat-10

ad900/rt-5 opp/pt/pe or EVA soy sauce gas resistance, resistance to

boiling, paper temperature

heat sealing, inclusion

heat sealing, and impact


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