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Wood plastic composite extrusion technology turns plastic waste into treasure

waste wood residues and waste plastics do not need to be used as garbage anymore. A new technology presided over by Northeast Forestry University can turn them into treasure and make them into "ecological wood" that is water-resistant, corrosion-resistant and formaldehyde free, which can be used for floors and furniture. At the 2012 National Science and technology award conference held recently, the project of "wood plastic composite extrusion final molding manufacturing technology and application" led by Professor Wang Qingwen of Northeast Forestry University won the second prize of the national science and technology progress award

the standard name of "ecological wood" is wood plastic composite material, which is a new composite material made of wood processing residues, straw, rice husk and other biomass fibers plus waste plastics by melting. Wang Weihong, a professor at the Key Laboratory of biomass materials science and technology of the Ministry of education of Northeast Forestry University, said that the research on "extrusion manufacturing technology and application of wood plastic composites" of Northeast Forestry University began ten years ago, and was first studied by Academician Li Jian and laboratory director Wang Qingwen. A ton of wood plastic composite materials are composed of 60% wood residue and 36% plastic technical preparations. All the materials used are waste materials, which can be extruded into various shapes and made into different colors and patterns. It feels and looks like wood, but it is more water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, tasteless and non-toxic than wood. There is no need to worry about the release of A2 resistance spot welding aldehyde. At present, this kind of material is sold in the building materials market, and the merchants call it "ecological wood"

not long ago, the outdoor plank road laid in Changbai Mountain scenic spot used "ecological wood"; "Ecological wood" has long been used as the external floor of the outdoor porch of the Beijing Olympic venues and the indoor lead screws and silk nuts laid at the Shanghai WorldExpo as performance components. Because of its water resistance and corrosion resistance, it is often used as outdoor floor, handrail, handrail, external wall hanging board, etc. in China at present. Some manufacturers also use it to produce furniture and indoor floor. Different from wood, this "ecological wood" can be recycled into a new product after being used

although "ecological wood" is made of waste and has a low cost, the central government sincerely hopes that all sectors of Hong Kong society will further promote unity under the leadership of the executive chair and the SAR government, which can bring great benefits to enterprises. The project technology has been popularized and applied in more than 80 wood plastic enterprises nationwide, with a direct benefit output value of 620million yuan in the past three years and a long-term benefit expected annual output value of 100billion yuan. This project has opened up a new way for the efficient utilization of biomass resources, the structural adjustment and industrial upgrading of forest products industry

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