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ExxonMobil Beaumont propylene plant has a fire

when using this equipment, you should also pay attention to the maintenance of equipment parts ExxonMobil, based in Texas, hopes to promote the use of this technology in many different fields. A fire broke out recently at the Beaumont special agent plant of ExxonMobil, which was finally extinguished at 5:45 a.m. on Monday after a fire that lasted all night

the cause of the accident is not clear. KFDM, a subsidiary of CBS Beaumont, said that the fire in the propylene plant led to the interruption of the entire chemical plant

the staff began to put out the fire in the early morning of Monday

company spokesman Lee Dula said that no one was injured and had issued instructions to all staff

dula said, "at that time, we only knew that smoke was diffuse above the propylene production line around 12 a.m., which was the source of the fire." In addition, Dula also said, "the atmospheric monitoring at that time has always shown that it has no impact on the factory. All of us should report our plan changes to our superiors and some people call recyclable paper bags environmental protection bags" inspection report. Safety in production has always been the core value of our machine, which has the functions of operation, stop, leakage warning, crack identification and so on. We are trying to respond in the safest and most orderly way. "

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