The hottest extrusion equipment produces PE foam c

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Extrusion equipment produces PE foam covers.

kraussmaffei berstroff, headquartered in Hannover, Germany, said that its newly launched schaumexo PAC foam extrusion line provides an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to produce covers made of low foaming polyethylene (PE) foam

the market demand for foam covers is growing, mainly for packaging bottles, boxes and cans with screw caps

single screw schaumex extruder combines all process steps on one machine: composite production, and a single enterprise can obtain a reward of up to 13.5 million yuan; Talent Awards are awarded to enterprises at 10% of the annual salary for the first five years and 5% for the next five years; The enterprise contribution award will be awarded for 6 consecutive years according to the 3-year exemption and 3-year halving of the enterprise's contribution to the local area; Financing guarantee shall be provided for the newly purchased equipment with full property rights of the enterprise at the proportion of 35%, and foaming agent shall be injected at the final stage when it is as cold as high temperature. These steps are more important when carbon dioxide is used as a foaming agent. Carbon dioxide foaming agent is injected into the middle section of the extruder barrel through a special injection system. The processing section after the injection point is equipped with a fluid temperature control device, which uses foaming agent to cool the melt

Matthias reimker, project manager of foam extrusion line of Klaus mafi belstov, said that four shaumex production lines had been sold to customers in Asia and Eastern Europe

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